Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Qualifying Run

Ok, team did really well today.

Gillian Nailed her 400 Meter run, outflanking the #2 runner in her heat by about 80 meters, she cramped up a bit at the end, but walked it off in a few minutes, mumbling that she needs more bananas... her time, 1:03 - Ryan her team-mate who also ran a 400, and who's birthday is today..!! Happy Birthday Ryan... had a great run, his time, a personal best, 1:05

Film @ 11. !!

Tomorrow, is a busy day for her. the 1500, 800 and 4x100 Relay... about a mile 1/2 at speed, for the relay she is anchor, so she gets to do the last dash to the finish.. gonna be exciting..


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