Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last Day for Team NC - Track & Field

Wow again, what a day. Too many medals to keep track of. Eventually there will be a list for all 12 of our amazing athletes. Coaches did amazing work, more on Bernies' strategy sessions with Gillian today to recover from her 800, and come back to come in Second in her 1500.

So... there's the sneak preview.

In the 4x100 relay this am, they got silver. Kristine did an amazing job of holding onto Ryan's fantastic start, passing to Samantha, who passed to Gillian to bring home the SILVER for the team.

Her 800, well, I will let tomorrow's Video speak on that. And her 1500, she paced exactly as Bernie and she discussed, and turned on the gas once again, to nail her run with another SILVER. So, Ms. Gillian comes home from 4 events with 3 SILVER medals clanging on her neck.

Tonights Video

Is an interview with Gillian from after her 400 time trail that she won, with almost the exact same time as her competition run. 1:16 and change, and she talks about the time trials for her 800 and 1500 that were the next day, on Tuesday, and which were streamed last night.


We fly out tomorrow at noon, I will attempt to edit some of today's events for tomorrow viewing, it's all in the laptop, and we have a 3 hr. layover on the way home, so stay tuned.

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