Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cesna Volunteer AirLift returns NC Athletes July, 24, 2010

Ok, finally posted, a week after the event.


Gillian is having a Post national Games Party to celebrate her accomplishments in Lincoln, August 7th.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cesna Airlift Return

A couple of shots by Bernie, our amazing Track coach...
of the Cesna Riding Athletes returning to RDU Airport, saturday noon.

Video ready to load this eve. I suspect...
More late..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last day of Competition - Thursday July 22nd, 2010

Wow, so Team NC started out with a Silver in the 4x100 Relay, at 9am. Gillian ran her 800 at 10:30 and it was getting hot out there. Topping off the day with the 1500, winning the silver at 3pm.

Video Clip here:
This is 8 minutes long, and a bit Low Res, but has the whole day in one clip.

Friday was a Travel day for Jim & Joanne, getting back so we could pick up Gillian at General Aviation at RDU Airport. Where the Cesna Airlift was bringing back part of the NC Teams, and coaches. Gillian's plane was the slowest of the 6 planes. Their trip was 4 hours, the others' were 3 hours. Gary called his mom from the plane, and said, "One of the other planes just passed us..!"

Clips of the landing, hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last Day for Team NC - Track & Field

Wow again, what a day. Too many medals to keep track of. Eventually there will be a list for all 12 of our amazing athletes. Coaches did amazing work, more on Bernies' strategy sessions with Gillian today to recover from her 800, and come back to come in Second in her 1500.

So... there's the sneak preview.

In the 4x100 relay this am, they got silver. Kristine did an amazing job of holding onto Ryan's fantastic start, passing to Samantha, who passed to Gillian to bring home the SILVER for the team.

Her 800, well, I will let tomorrow's Video speak on that. And her 1500, she paced exactly as Bernie and she discussed, and turned on the gas once again, to nail her run with another SILVER. So, Ms. Gillian comes home from 4 events with 3 SILVER medals clanging on her neck.

Tonights Video

Is an interview with Gillian from after her 400 time trail that she won, with almost the exact same time as her competition run. 1:16 and change, and she talks about the time trials for her 800 and 1500 that were the next day, on Tuesday, and which were streamed last night.


We fly out tomorrow at noon, I will attempt to edit some of today's events for tomorrow viewing, it's all in the laptop, and we have a 3 hr. layover on the way home, so stay tuned.

Link to Gillian's 400 and 800 meter Time Trials

Ok, so.. here are Gillian's 400 and 800 meter time Trial Runs from Monday.

so.. more clips later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nat'l Games Day3, first day of competetion.

Hi All:

The following is an attempt at just copying our local SONC newslsetter, with a wonderfull article on Ms. Gillian as: Sprinter turns distance runner..! the article is based on yesterdays races, which were time trials.

Gillian ran her 400 today, started out trailing, as the strategy of our amazing coach Bernie intended. And at the last turn, again, turned on the gas, and railed on in to second place. 1:16 was her time.

Tomorrow is an intense day for all athletes. Gillian does her 4x100 relay first, then her 800, and ends the day with the 1500. That will be the end of competition, pending weather.

Special Olympics Team NC Newsletter
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Special Olympics Team NC, including 50 athletes and 14 coaches, will represent the Tar Heel State at the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games in Lincoln, Nebraska July 18-23. Team North Carolina will compete in eight sports: aquatics, athletics, basketball, bocce, bowling, golf, powerlifting and tennis. This daily e-newsletter will provide feature stories, photos and results on team members throughout the competition. For more information about Team NC visit the Special Olympics NC Web site or call 800-843-6276.

Going the Distance

Gillian Fink, Ryan Baker and Bernard PrabuckiTeam NC athletics coach Bernie Prabucki, never one for a loss of words, was speechless and tears filled his eyes as he hugged Gillian Fink and Ryan Baker after watching both runners come from behind to win their preliminary 800m races.
"It's just so emotional," Prabucki said fighting to find the words. "You work so hard with these athletes and then to see that type of finish, that's the payback! And what is so amazing is both Gillian and Ryan are sprinters! And this is the first time they've ever competed at these distances!"

"Gillian Fink runningI got first, I got first," yelled an excited Fink. "I just passed that girl on the inside and took off." She won by more than 50m turning on the jets down the final straightaway.

The key to success for both these sprinters was to learn to pace themselves. Prabucki trained alongside both of them, teaching them a slow, medium and fast speed and when to use each speed during the races.

"It's not easy to do since their natural tendency is to take off -boom... like a shot when that gun goes off," said Prabucki. "But we've got a strategy in place. We're still tweaking Gillian's mile pace but at the middle distance, she's got it. It's amazing to watch. " Fink had a full day at the track; in a span of three hours, she competed in the 1500m, the 4 x 100m relay and the 800m race.

Ryan Baker RunningBecoming a distance runner for National Games has been an adjustment, but one she's glad she made. "It's been fun," said a winded but elated Fink. "I think the long distance is easier because I can pace myself but it's harder too because I have to work through the pain of going slow. All the races in a row, is hard but I'm not going to be tired because I'm going to go for the gold!"

Fink and Baker are both "on pace" to bring home several gold medals if they continue to perform like they have in the preliminary rounds!
Are You Ready for Some Flag Football? Team NC is!

Cody Smith Flag FootballSeven Team NC athletes took part in a flag football clinic and learned about the sport gaining popularity in Special Olympics. Former NFL players Matt Blair, John Turner, Tony Covington, and Joey Browner helped teach some of the basic skills. The athletes got quite a workout catching, throwing and run­ning. They had a great time! Several Team NC coaches got excited by what they saw and are fired up to bring the game to their local programs. Don't be surprised to see this sport catch on quickly in the coming months/years.

And The Results Are...
Team NC-Bocce celebrates a bronze medal win!

Bocce Team medals
Team NC Tuesday Results:

Team Bocce:
Anthony Hammonds, Georgia Stamey, Felicia Jennings, Tony Cardwell - Bronze Medal

Charles Quick: Squat - Silver Medal,
Charles Quick: Bench - Silver Medal
Charles Quick: Deadlift - Gold Medal
Charles Quick: Combined - Silver Medal

Dianne Jordan - Gold Medal
Diane Bryant - Bronze Medal
Jennifer Wardlow - 4th Place Ribbon
Crystal Emmons - Bronze Medal

See Team NC in Action!

Scott Clark is overjoyed at a first place finish in the 50-yard butterfly!
Scott Clark in water

Bobby Vance and Doug Bayliff are hard at work on the golf course!
Doug Bayliff and Bobby Vance high five

For more Team NC photos, check out our latest gallery! And keep checking back here for photos from our on-site photographer!

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Charles Quick with medals
Powerlifter Charles Quick of Durham won the first Team NC gold medal of the Games with a Deadlift of 270.1 lbs. He also won three silver medals in the squat, bench and combined events. He was a crowd favorite at the Powerlifting venue and everywhere he went the rest of the day people stopped to meet him and get his photo. Video of Charles receiving his gold medal will be a lasting highlight of the Games. In his own words he explains how he felt!

It feels so good! When I stood on the stand to get my gold medal, I started feeling really good about myself and really proud. I waved to the crowd and then when I got the medal I just broke out dancing like MC Hammer! The crowd went totally wild! Totally wild! I loved it! I love my fans and they love me! It was so cool! I'm so grateful to be in Nebraska. I'm here because of all my coaches and my family who inspired me. I did this for myself, my family, my friends, my fans and people all over the world!

Charles Quick Dancing
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Team NC Golf Girls!
Alana Willis and Kelley Burrows golf
Alana Willis and Kelley Burrows take a break from competition to pose for the camera!
Looking for the perfect putt!
Bobby Vance putts
Bobby Vance hopes his putt will give him the edge on the competition!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Athletics Time Trials Day 2

Ok.. what a day. Gillian kept pace throughout her 1500 meter this am, cloudy overcast, and nice and cool, thankfully.

She came in 4th, but her sprint at the end was amazing. Strategy paid off, in her 800 meter, she stayed behind the pack the whole way, started to move up part way through the second lap, and then passed on the INSIDE..!! at the last turn and put on the gas. wow.. she won... by a long shot.

Then the 4x100 relay, they came in 3rd, but the first two teams were DQ'd, I suspect because of crashes, and lane issues.. so they technically won that..!!

anwyway, video when possible..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Qualifying Run

Ok, team did really well today.

Gillian Nailed her 400 Meter run, outflanking the #2 runner in her heat by about 80 meters, she cramped up a bit at the end, but walked it off in a few minutes, mumbling that she needs more bananas... her time, 1:03 - Ryan her team-mate who also ran a 400, and who's birthday is today..!! Happy Birthday Ryan... had a great run, his time, a personal best, 1:05

Film @ 11. !!

Tomorrow, is a busy day for her. the 1500, 800 and 4x100 Relay... about a mile 1/2 at speed, for the relay she is anchor, so she gets to do the last dash to the finish.. gonna be exciting..


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Team NC Athletics - Intro Video 1 - Practice day

Ok, here's the team, beyond a still, and our venue for the next week.
Opening ceremonies were amazing, more details on that later.


Higher Res Link to the above video clip.

Team Carolina Athletics

here's the team, video coming up..!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Picture from SpeOly Page, Gillian and Team Members

Here they go.. from 6am this morning..
Bernie, Gillian and 3 other track and field NC Members, thanks to Anie Tane for finding the link to this image on the SPecOly FB Page

Links to SONC Twitter and FaceBook Pages for more news

Just in case you need to read MORE..!!



Article on the Cesna Airlift:

Ron Hagner sent me a text last night that he saw Gillian on a WRAL news story last night on the 6pm news from the Governor's Mansion Reception !! Celebrity life..

greetings from the Memphis Airport.


Gillian is landing in Lincoln aboard a small Cesna Corp. jet.. Lear style.!!
Most all of the Athletes and coaches are traveling to the games this way from all around the country. Apparently, a jet lands or takes off from Lincoln, every 90 seconds, till everyone is there.

we.. well, Joanne and I are waiting to change planes in Memphis. Gillian gets to Lincoln in about another 30 minutes, we get there in a couple hours, after renting a car in Omaha, and driving to lincoln..!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Run like the WIND

You Go Ms. Gillian, we are very proud of your track accomplishments. Have a great time at the Governor's Mansion tonight. See you tomorrow in Lincoln.

Jim... aka dad..!!